Editorial: Pediatric Urology

By: Oliver W. Hakenberg

European Urology Supplements, Volume 16 Issue 1, January 2017

Published online: 01 January 2017

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This issue of the EAU-EBU Update series again focusses on pediatric urology which is underrepresented in most urologists’ daily practice.

Undoubtedly, pediatric urology is and has been developing into a subspeciality that is often beyond the scope of a general urologist. Specialised centres have been established in many European countries. However, it is important to understand and know the problems of pediatric urology as patients will eventually transit to adult urology. Where pediatric urology is done by pediatric surgeons, this often does not include the management of pediatric stone disease which then is often referred to the adult urologist by the pediatric surgeon.

This issue therefore includes an update on hypospadia surgery by Springer et al from Vienna, Ankara and Leeds and a paper on the difficult issue of assessing the outcome of hypospadia repair by Dokter et al from Leeuwarden and Nijmegen which is important for the adult patient. The management of urolithiasis in children has developed much along the lines of stone mangement in adults due to the development of miniaturized instruments. The current issues and treatments are described by Drs.Sarica and Sahin from Istanbul.

Finally, the problems and prospects of bladder augmentation and replacement with tissue engineering are explained by Ramnath Subramaniam from Leeds. Although research into this area has developed nicely, the clinical applications are only on the horizon so far and conventional bladder augmentation with intestine remains an important surgical technique.


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