Platinum Priority – Prostate Cancer
Editorial by Howard I. Scher on pp. 1039–1041 of this issue

Survival with Newly Diagnosed Metastatic Prostate Cancer in the “Docetaxel Era”: Data from 917 Patients in the Control Arm of the STAMPEDE Trial (MRC PR08, CRUK/06/019)

By: Nicholas David James a lowast , Melissa R. Spears b , Noel W. Clarke c , David P. Dearnaley d e , Johann S. De Bono d e , Joanna Gale f , John Hetherington g , Peter J. Hoskin h , Robert J. Jones i , Robert Laing j , Jason F. Lester k , Duncan McLaren l , Christopher C. Parker d e , Mahesh K.B. Parmar b , Alastair W.S. Ritchie b , J. Martin Russell m , Räto T. Strebel n , George N. Thalmann o , Malcolm D. Mason k and Matthew R. Sydes b

European Urology, Volume 67 Issue 6, June 2015, Pages 1028-1038

Published online: 01 June 2015

Keywords: Prostate cancer, Natural history, Survival, Time to progression, Control arm cohort, Hormone-naïve, Metastatic, Prognostic factors, Prospective data

Abstract Full Text Full Text PDF (1,7 MB) Patient Summary

Patient Summary Results from this control arm cohort found survival is relatively short and highly influenced by patient age, fitness, and where prostate cancer has spread in the body.

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